Analisa Naldi

Providing Excellence: The Foundation of a Thriving Business

+ Learn the foundations of 5-star service and connect with your personal style
+ How to identify and predict the needs of your student/patron/client for a sustainable relationship
+ The simplicity of the little things that contribute to big experiences and life-changing moments

Analisa is the Founder of EvolveFit.

Analisa is a Strength + Conditioning Coach, Fitness Consultant and Business Owner. Her active interest in connecting people to the resources, programs, and paths that will provide opportunities for individuals of all walks of life to learn how to move, navigate and feel better in their bodies and lives has enabled her entrepreneurial creativity to come to life.  She thrives on engaging, educating, and empowering fellow entrepreneurs in their respective fields through the sharing of the tools she's found successful in establishing relationships, communication, and the provision of life changing service.