Five Simple Habits for Landing a New Client

Let's face it, no matter what industry you are in, one of the most challenging goals for many entrepreneurs is converting a potential client to a new client. Often times we focus too much attention on minute details and lose focus on how to make the sale and close the deal. Incorporate these five simple steps into your business practice for a guaranteed increase in your client list.

No. 1 Return all business inquiries with an email and phone call within twenty-four hours of initial contact.

I am often surprised when I talk to other entrepreneurs and find out they did not respond to a potential client in a timely manner with an email and phone call. People are busy and appreciate customer service and consistency. Everyone has heard the old saying, the early bird gets the worm. Well, that could not be more true, step number one honors that age old idiom.

No. 2 Do not overwhelm, talk down or hard sell your potential client.

This next one really hits home for most people. How many times have you been shopping or checking out a new potential car and have been hounded by either pushy salesmen or had your ear talked to death by a know it all employee? No matter how you slice it, that is a huge turn off for most people. Your initial objective is to make your customer feel at ease, comfortable and not pressured into buying your product.

No. 3 Use the first meeting as a stage to highlight your services. Use pictures, technology, testimonialS and samples to showcase your product.

Now that I’ve mentioned how not to hard sell your product, it is worth mentioning what to do when you have this eager new client in front of you. There are many ways to highlight your services without overwhelming, turning off and potentially losing new business. Present your services or product with a beautiful portfolio and share some of the glowing testimonials you have received from your current, extremely happy clients. 

No. 4 Let your BUSINESS sell itself. 

If you build it, they will come. Make advancing your education a priority. Ensure that your attention to detail in both product and service is beyond comparison. Know that the service or product you provide is invaluable to your clients. Trust and believe in yourself and business. Once you do this, the confidence you have in your business will exude from every cell in your body, leaving clients asking themselves, "How can I NOT buy this?!". 

No. 5 Closing is an art form.

Just like a good lecture or an informative article, closing is your chance to highlight everything you introduced to this potential client. This is where you want to remind them of the exact services you have to offer while explaining how everything that you bring to the table will help get them what they want and lead them to where they want to go. 

A helpful roadmap to selling, is to think of your product or initial consultation like a children’s book.  Keeping things clear and simple often times is the best strategy. The above steps have helped my close sale after sale consistently over the years. When you analyze each tip you can see the message is clear, simple, thorough, and presented with quality and confidence.