Three Steps to Improve Focus and Guarantee Goal Achievement

We are over half way through the year. How are your 2018 business goals shaping up? If you are having trouble making time for and/or achieving your 2018 priorities, check out these three tips on task organization to assist you in boosting your progress.

I am a builder at heart. I love imagining creative new concepts and then bringing these ideas to life. This trait has proven extremely helpful to me as an entrepreneur, as it has helped in the creation of a steady stream of new business developments and business upgrades for DIAKADI throughout our 14 years. Our DIAKADI NEXT Intern Program representing the most recent example. However, I enjoy this ‘construction’ process so much, that it is often a challenge for me to limit the numbers of spinning plates I have in the air at one time. During the last 12 months, I have adopted three new habits that have greatly boosted my success in focusing my energy and achieving my most important goals.

1. Select One Main Goal and Run To It

As an entrepreneur, you will always have multiple plates spinning in the air. However, by having one MAIN priority for your focus, the quality and efficiency of your work will increase by leaps and bounds. Use your resources to delegate any responsibilities for this priority which are not your within your skill set or do not require your personal hands on work. Keeping your eyes focused on the prize during every free moment.

2. Set Aside Focused Time Daily/Weekly

Calendar out specific hours and possibly days within your weekly schedule where your priority project will receive your undivided attention on a regular basis. A recent podcast from performance coach, Robin Sharma, recommended a 90/90/1 idea, where for the next ninety days, you spend the first ninety minutes of every work day focused on your one priority. Everyone’s schedule may not allow for this regimen, however his logic on tackling your main priorities first thing in the morning, when we are physically and mentally at our best, is grounded in both science and logic.

3. Safe Guard Your Priority

Most of us are our company’s CEO, CMO, CTO, CFO, and usually ‘COO COO’ as well from the never ending list of responsibilities and distractions we have as small business owners. When it comes to focusing on your business development priorities, your number one goal is to protect EVERY minute of your focus work. NOTHING can override the daily/weekly time you set aside to focus on this development work. Protect it at all costs!