How Two Veteran Gym Owners Are Maximizing Their Earning Potential

Josh Maness + Derek Motsinger,
owners of Full Circle Fitness Coaching IN SAN DIEGO, 

Our primary goal at that time was people and fill our schedules.

"Over a decade ago, Derek and I set out to start our own business and escape the big box corporate mentality we were operating in at the time.  As young guys in our 20's with little business experience we set out on our own and partnered to create Full Circle Fitness Coaching.  We valued knowledge and service to our clients and strived to create a working environment that allowed us to foster a closer relationship with our clients.  Our primary goal at that time was people and fill our schedules.

That was 2008 and as many people know that was the year the economy took a big hit!  We were both single without families at the time so were able to survive and really had fewer responsibilities than we do now as working fathers.  It took us several years to fill our schedules but we did and as the years passed we both started new chapters of our lives...families.  Once we were chasing babies and feeding more mouths we had little time for anything else and it was more imperative that we kept our schedules full and maximize our earning potential.  We had every intention of working to expand our business from the beginning years but as time passed we in many ways found it more difficult. 

We both wanted to grow and to evolve the business but trying to formulate an actionable plan often led to frustration and a sense of wasted time and energy.

We had been able to create our own individual success but had hit a ceiling of hours we were able or wanted to work and our income was solely based upon our individual availability.

When I turned 40 this last year I had that realization that if change didn't occur very soon it would likely never occur.  It was at that time that I decided we should take action on being mentored by someone we trusted and admired.  Derek and I had taken several educational courses at DIAKADI over the years and from day one were in awe of what they had grown and the welcoming environment.  We often spoke about engaging Billy Polson to coach us on how we may develop our path moving forward.  I knew as soon as I contacted Billy it was the right decision and his experience and guidance would be key in helping us create the change we desired.

While we have really only just begun this process we have already experienced success.

From the perspective of communication I feel we are working together as a team more so than we ever had in the past.  As a partnership it is imperative to be able to communicate clearly and in some cases requires an outside perspective. 

Since starting
Billy's Business Movement coaching program
we have made some significant changes.

  1. Expanded/Maximized our useable gym space

  2. Created a marketing plan and began utilizing a Marketing/Design company

  3. Rebranded and reworked our website along with our social media platform

  4. Utilized questionnaires to gauge our clients wants/needs in both our current operation/location and future operation/location

  5. Recruited and brought on another trainer that fits the ideal scenario for our existing space = Our first source of passive income

These are just a few of the many benefits and successes we have enjoyed in a short period utilizing the tools provided. We likely have an ART/Chiropractor coming in sometime around October 1 to rent our therapy room 10-20 hours weekly.  Currently our goal is to maximize our earning potential in our space so we can expand into a lager space with more health professions and in turn help more people! 

We feel this is just the beginning for us and plan on continuing to take the coaching tools provided and keep revisiting them to implement more operational systems necessary to expand."

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