10 ways to improve website performance

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Building a kick ass website is simply step number one. Monitoring the analytics of your site on a regular basis and in every category is necessary to guarantee that your design choices are successfully converting your ideal potential clients into new customers. With a free SEMrush account, you can perform 10 searches/day, receive 10 results/search, and manage one project. We’re here to help you navigate through the free analytic tool, SEMrush, to utilize the top 10 often overlooked analytic areas to see where your website is under-performing and tips to correct them.

If you’re not quite sure how search engines work, check out our SEO Blog for a little background on Search Engine Optimization before beginning your SEMrush research and using your free account to its' fullest potential.

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  1. Competitors Report

    • Site owners can tend to focus on how they’re upgrading their site without researching how their rivals are increasing traffic to their site. SEMrush’s ‘Competition Report’ gives you the sites that have the most common and relevant keywords to your own. With this tool, investigate your successful competitors, discover your missed opportunities, consider placing your own keywords where they put theirs, and intelligently compete.

  2. Positions Report

    • The SERPS - search engine results pages - feature on SEMrush shows the percentage of search results that show up from a given keyword that your domain is ranked for. This is a useful and often overlooked tool that will give you insights on your competitor’s presence on search engine results pages and their keyword strategies.

    • Further dig into your competitors one by one with ‘Positions Report’. Target a domain of your choice, view the keywords it is ranked for, how much traffic these keywords bring to their site, their presence on results pages, the cost of running AdWords campaign for every keyword, and how this has all fluctuated over a period of time with Search Engine + SEMrush algorithm updates.

  3. Backlinks Competitors Report and Backlink Gap

    • The more you grow as a site, the more you will be linked to. Expect non-credible sites trying to send visitors your way and making it appear as though you yourself engage in spam behaviors, lessening your chances of appearing first in search engines.

    • Use this handy tool to get a recognize your:

      • Total number of backlinks

      • Their type (text, image, or form)

      • Top Level Domain (TDL) distribution (.gov, .edu, .com, etc.)

      • Anchors (popularity of anchor links and terms)

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4. Keyword Magic Tool

  • Following your competition analysis of what keywords other companies are using, start brainstorming and create your own relevant keywords, links, titles, and content that reflect the unique aspects of your business. Be comprehensive, creative, catchy, and use it regularly in hopes of it catching on so that you are more likely to appear to a potential customer in their searches.

  • Keep in mind that Google is constantly modifying its algorithm and SEMrush is updating its database. This requires you to stay on top of your site and update your content along with it.

5. Keyword Difficulty

  • After you’ve come up with your creative and descriptive keywords, project how they would rank on search engines with SEMrush’s ‘Keyword Difficulty’ tool.

  • The higher the percentage, the harder it will be to come out on top in searches while using that keyword. The keywords that would come up quicker for you and above your competitors, you’ll want to prioritize these words and use them strategically on your pages and within your SEO description on the backend of your website.

  • The goal here is to create your keywords that your customers would most likely search for, but have low competition levels.

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6. Backlink Audit Link

  • Take some time for housekeeping. Go through all of your links and tidy up any toxic links that may be diminishing your SEO success. Find those sites with a high toxicity ranking and move them to your ‘Disavow’ list. You also have the option to send them an email through SEMrush requesting removal of links to your site.

  • A necessary SEO strategy is building a reputation with other credible sources by creating a valuable network of backlinks. Your dependable and trustworthy portfolio will be your protection and send strong signals to search engines and rank as a higher quality site.

7. Link Building Tool

  • Going forward, leverage your partners and educational facility connections, find greater opportunities, and get in touch with other credible, highly reputable sites that will promote your business.

  • Link to sites that provide deeper information to get your site noticed and send traffic their way.

  • Let SEMrush help by creating a ‘Reject’ list of shady prospects you do not wish to be associated with while also staying on top of your PR and outreach efforts to stay safely connected.

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8. Position Tracking

  • Let’s say you’ve made quite a few changes so far to your site. You will need to be constantly monitoring your changes and see what worked and what you could’ve done better.

  • With ‘Position Tracking’ you can choose which aspect of your site you’d like to track, view when you last updated it, how its visibility has changed, estimated traffic gain or loss, average position across locations and devices.

9. Sensor

  • As we mentioned, search engines are changing how they operate DAILY. The SEMrush Sensor displays search engine results pages as it fluctuates from day to day.

  • The more relevant keywords you add to your campaign, the more precise Sensor results you will get, allowing you to view daily deflections.

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10. Site Audit

  • Type in your domain and specify pages you want included or excluded to receive your site’s overall health, crawlability, international SEO, potential security issues, loading performance.

  • Here you can find specifically where on your site there are errors, warnings, and notices, placed in order of priority, and how to rectify them.

  • Conduct site audits regularly to measure your SEO progress and continue to elevate your site.

TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF YOUR free SEMrush account with these essential SEO analytic tools.

Dive deep into your research, intelligently compete with your market rivals, create and highlight your unique keywords, stay credible and tidy with backlinks, and constantly monitor your progress to keep up with the pace of today’s search engines.