The Essential Pre-Launch Checklist for your Website

Whether you are building your own website or working with a website designer, your first step involves gathering your thoughts around content, branding, and design decisions for the site. Take advantage of our pre-launch checklist during your research, planning and inspiration phases for the new website. It may open your eyes to some new perspectives for your site while also guaranteeing that you don’t forgot any of the vital details. Happy construction!


List the top three goals for your website?

How would you like to describe your practice/brand on the site?  What style of voice would you prefer (friendly/relatable, authoritative/clinical, etc) ?

On your website, how can you best represent what sets you apart from other similar businesses ?

List Three websites that currently inspire you.




What about these three sites excites you?



Do you have a domain name in mind? Have you reserved this name yet?

Do you currently have a logo or ideas for a logo? Any other graphics you would like to use (i.e. Breakdown of services, etc)?

What ideas do you have for the photos for your website? Start a list of the exercises, movements, scenes with clients, active living examples, etc, that would you like to include.

Please select which pages below you would like to include in your website: 

  • Mission

  • Vision

  • Social Proof 

  • Testimonials

  • Press

  • Accolades

  • Blog

  • Consultation/Sessions Scheduler

  • Social Media Share Buttons

  • Partners Page ( Influencers / Collaborations / Resources )

  • Join Mailing List (Newsletters)

  • Homepage 

  • Services

  • Price Sheet

  • The New Client Process Explanation 

  • Gallery of Photos

  • Contact Info(Email, Address, Phone, Location (Map + Details)

  • Intake/Interest Form

  • Commerce, Purchase Sessions

  • About 

  • Bio


Do you currently have a Mission written for your business? If so, please list it here.

Do you currently have a Vision written for your business? If so, please list it here.

Do you currently have a bio written for you/your business? If so, please list it here.

What purchase options for services, etc would you like to list and/or offer for clients on your site? Would you like to have prices visible? Have you written a description of your services? Will clients be able to make purchases directly off of your site?

Do you have any testimonials that you can include on your site? Do you have photos and/or videos to include with these (*Highly recommended)?

Do you have any press links that we can include ?

What colors would you like to use on your site (think back to your three inspiration sites or check out  

Any colors you would like to AVOID using?


Social Media Checklist.

What social media accounts would like to create for your practice?  Are the account names available that match your URL and business name?

For each of these, what is the ideal posting schedule you would like to follow (i.e. One Instagram per day, one Facebook per week, one blog per month)?

How do you plan on building upon your brand throughout all of your posts? What will consistently tie your posts to the principles and philosophies that you have built your business around?

How will your posts differentiate your business from your competitors?

What social accounts would you like to link to:

  • Yelp

  • Blog

  • Email

  • YouTube

  • Pinterest

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Snapchat

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn


Contact + Email Gathering.

What contact information would you like to list on your site:

  • Name

  • Business Name

  • Email

  • Address

  • Phone

  • Location (Map + Details)

Would you like to include a page to gather email addresses for newsletters, mailing list?

Do you want to purchase an email address for you to use for your domain/website? (i.e.