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LESSON 1: Creating Your Client Avatar

So we have the Mission of your company and why it exists. We also have a clear Vision plan of how you want to develop this business in the years ahead. Now let’s talk a little bit about your typical and ideal client based on this Mission and Vision. This profile is called your Client Avatar or Niche Market. 

  • What are your client’s goals, needs, shopping priorities?

  • Describe their personality type?

  • What are their fears and challenges?

Building a thoroughly descriptive client avatar based on your ideal niche client is a key element in understanding how to successfully market to and gain exposure to them. This information is also extremely helpful in steering your choices for future continuing education towards the exact needs of your client and the betterment of their health. The more exact your description can be of your niche client, the easier it will be to attract and retain them within your business. Enjoy this brainstorm process.


Build Your niche Client Description

In your Fitness Entrepreneur 101 workbook, using the line items below as your guide, come up with a thorough profile of your Niche Client.  Pay special attention to the areas concerning Marketing Aspects to help you know how best to attract these new clients, as well as the Education Choices to better help you understand which future continuing education courses would be most beneficial for you and your ideal clients.

Demographics: (Age, Sex, Address/Location - Own or Rent?)
Family Details (Children, Age, Male/Female, Pets)
Professional Details: Career, Job Title and Location, Income (Personal, Household, Expendable, Debt ?), Travel for work?
Open to what commute distance for your services?
Hobbies, Activities, Sports, Travel
Hang-outs: With friends? Family?
Shopping Habits: Where do they shop? Groceries? Clothes? Browse? Learn trends? E-shopper?
Healthy habits?  Unhealthy habits?
Top Budget Priorities
Top Splurges
How can your business best serve them?

Marketing Aspects:
How does your client typically locate and select service providers or businesses like yours ?
Social Media: Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Snapchat? Pinterest? LinkedIn? Other Social Media?
How do they gather news? Subscriptions (news, magazines, online, podcasts, blogs, etc)? 
What blogs do they follow?
What keeps them coming back to a service provider?
What areas will your avatar be willing to commute to in order to receive your services?

What motivates and inspires them? Passions?
What are their goals? Fears? (Personal and Professional)
What are your avatar’s biggest challenges in achieving optimal health?

What is the number one reason that most of them come to see you? How can you better fulfill this need for them?

video #2

VIDEO + LESSON NOTES:  Grow your Avatar with your Business

As you gain new education and/or provide new services, this avatar will most likely change.  I recommend referring to this avatar for every decision you make concerning your brand and voice, your marketing strategy and website design, and future business development. As your business grows and develops, consistently monitor the ebb + flow of this client and their needs in your area. 

One important thought to to consider in defining your Avatar, ‘Is this niche market population consistent and/or growing in your area?’. Keeping a constant watch on your avatar, as well as up and coming neighborhoods in your area, can be a great help in guaranteeing the success of your business in the long run.