Rafael Balaguer


+ What is 'Content Marketing' and why your business is missing out without it
+ How to design a content marketing distribution plan that you can stick to
+ How to increase conversions by mapping content to the way your customers actually shop
+ 10 Tips that will make your advertising on social media worth it
+ Brands that are killing the content marketing game in 2016 and what you can learn from them

Rafael is the Senior Marketing Manager at Charles Schwab and Founder of LIMLaunch Media Consulting.

Owning a strong background in digital advertising, strategy and design, Rafael has climbed the ranks at businesses like Charles Schwab, Eleven Inc. and CueConnect. 

Jackson Bloore

How to use the psychology of social proof to double your sales in 3 months

+ The 4 Simple Steps to instantly position yourself as the best in your market and be paid like it.
+ The #1 biggest mistake 90% of all freelancers make when trying to sell. Avoiding this critical mistake can virtually guarantee more money, more clients, and more leverage in your business.
+ How to use the psychology of Social Proof to flood your business with TONS of amazing new customers practically BEGGING you to take their money.
+ The $100,000 case study: How I used Social Proof to generate $100,000 in sales and become San Francisco's "Best Personal Trainer", and how you can easily do the same in 3 simple steps.
+ The EXACT steps to create a professional website in minutes that is proven to convert traffic into highly PROFITABLE clients, even if you have no idea how to code and technology scares you.

Jackson is the Founder of Action Jackson Fitness. 

Jackson Bloore is a nationally published fitness model and certified personal trainer. He was named by San Francisco Magazine as the “Best Personal Trainer for Abs” in 2015, has been featured on the cover of six fitness products for Perfect Fitness, and has modeled for Nike, ESPN, Men's Health, and Men's Fitness among others.

Nick Folker 

Research, Create, Evolve: The Entrepreneur's Journey

+ How to answer 'Am I doing the right thing?'
+ Use your life journey as your guide
+ Capitalize on the missed opportunities
+ Bonding with your clients
+ The entrepreneur's theory of evolution

Nick is the Co-Founder and Chief Performance Officer of BridgeAthletic.

After swimming in the 2000 Olympics for South Africa and serving as the Director of Aquatic Performance at Cal Berkeley for 10 years, where his teams won 7 NCAA National Team championships in 7 years, Nick co-founded BridgeAthletic. BridgeAthletic provides coaches and athletes tools and training programs to take performance to the next level.

Jenny Gaither

How redefining your purpose will redefine your success

+ What it means to discover and uncover your greatest passions.
+ Maximize the Impact Potential of your business through purpose. 
+ How ‘Dare to Bare’ challenged me to be vulnerable and define a message I wanted all women to hear.Overcome fears and insecurities to lead you to a journey towards success.
+ Overcome fears and insecurities to lead to a journey toward success.
+ How to turn personal limitations into career breakthroughs.
+ What practicing self-work can do in order to greatly impact your business and confidence as a leader.

Jenny is the Founder and CEO of Movemeant Foundation. 

In addition to running the Movemeant Foundation, a non-profit that provides young women the tools to be active, Jenny is also a Senior Instructor at SoulCycle, has received that Lululemon Athletica Ambassador Leadership Award, contributing blogger for The Huffington Post and the Co-Founder of SEAK Foundation and creator of the Sports Bra Challenge.

Gina Gutierrez

The Design Lab: Build + Launch an Awesome Website That Reflects Your Business

+ Your website represents you and your business: Learn how to stand out in your industry with a design that is unique and speaks to your desired clientele
+ Discover strategies that include registering for a domain name, curating your brand, writing copy and celebrating a launch
+ Master Squarespace’s templates no matter your skill level - technically challenged or technically savvy
+ Determine what to tackle first: we give you permission to experiment, refine and evolve

Gina is the Founder and Principal Designer of Gina Rachelle Design. 

As an Associate Partner at DIAKADI, Gina helped scale the business into the largest fitness performance center in San Francisco, transforming the studio into a leader in the personal training industry—and the recipient of the best fitness studio in the city for the past 12 years. At Gina Rachelle Design, Gina designs for residential and commercial spaces, managing construction and providing styling and consulting services.

Todd Holcomb

Realizing your highest, most powerful potential: The Power and Practice of Possibility

+ The future is not fixed—a thousand life-changing possibilities exist within each of us.
+ Good living is the art of becoming—of growing into your future self based on who you want to be and what you want to do.
+ To pursue your future requires the act of belief, of seeing and becoming, daily that which you want to be.
+ There are always multiple pathways to realize a possibility.
+ Only you can commit to what you want to be, and what you want to build.
+ You are powerful enough to confront any reality to get going.
+ You have, within you, everything you need to lead, learn, and build the community that will make your possibility a reality.
+ Every possibility pursued, results in growth and new possibilities. 

Todd is the Founder of Grow Mind and Spirit and considers himself a creative polymath.

Todd's rare combination of creative and strategic thinking has come from years of work with CEOs and their leadership teams - in many industries - to imagine successful futures, spark innovation to create these futures, bold the leadership skills necessary to make these visions a reality, and craft learning experiences that enable every person to realize their fullest expression of themselves in pursuit of the purpose. Over his career, Todd has been involved in many well-know initiatives including Nike/Jordan, Armani Exchange, GAP and the evolution of IBM into the era of cloud based computing.

Alexandria Marcus

up your GAME: Learn how being an entrepreneur is asking you to evolve

+ Obstacles entrepreneurs face each day can be a springboard to success, if they are willing to look in the mirror. 
+ What if every person (clients, peers, customers, employees, friends, etc.) are somehow a reflection of a part of you?  And what if each of these people (especially the most challenging) are here to help you grow?  
+ Discover how your “inner game” (beliefs, thoughts, feelings) drives your “outer game” (actions, behaviors). 
+ Create a major breakthrough around how you see your business and yourself.  
+ Learn how to navigate your business relationships with clarity and joy.   
+ Take away powerful tools to uplevel your business and your life. 

Alexandria is the Founder of HEARTFood, Eating Psychology Coaching. 

A certified Eating Psychology Coach focused on Mind-Body Nutrition, Alexandra and HEARTFood lead popular "Beyond Weigh Loss" classes around the Bay Area where she offers non-diet approaches of diving into issues around weight, food and body image in a safe supportive community. Alexandria has studied and supported workshops of the New York Times best-selling author Geneen Roth and appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Analisa Naldi

Providing Excellence: The Foundation of a Thriving Business

+ Learn the foundations of 5-star service and connect with your personal style
+ How to identify and predict the needs of your student/patron/client for a sustainable relationship
+ The simplicity of the little things that contribute to big experiences and life-changing moments

Analisa is the Founder of EvolveFit.

Analisa is a Strength + Conditioning Coach, Fitness Consultant and Business Owner. Her active interest in connecting people to the resources, programs, and paths that will provide opportunities for individuals of all walks of life to learn how to move, navigate and feel better in their bodies and lives has enabled her entrepreneurial creativity to come to life.  She thrives on engaging, educating, and empowering fellow entrepreneurs in their respective fields through the sharing of the tools she's found successful in establishing relationships, communication, and the provision of life changing service. 

Billy Polson 


+ Providing you with the tools, courage and insight to:
      - Build your ideal business AND life doing exactly what you love to do, as long as you are DAMN good at it
      - Grow this business into a recognized, award winning, lucrative, and significant brand
+ Your GLOW is your Glue: How to magnetize clients to your business AND you
+ Shock and Awe: Fighting your way from mediocre to exceptional
+ Maximizing Success through Analysis: Why research must always be your first step
+ Eating Obstacles and Challenges for Breakfast: The most important meal for your business

Billy is the Founder of DIAKADI, Fitness Performance Life.

In 2004, Billy founded San Francisco's paramount personal training facility DIAKADI, which houses the practices of more than 90 of the Bay Area's leading entrepreneurs from the fitness and health industries. Men's Journal magazine has named Billy one of 'America's Best 100 Trainers', and he has appeared in numerous publications including Inc, Kiplinger, CBS Small Business Pulse, MSN, The Huffington Post, Women's Health, San Francisco Magazine, Active Times, and Thrillist.

Ashley Selman

What comes after Why? Turning your vision into a Successful Business

+ How to create a detailed and clear vision that is your foundation for business success
+ The Law of Attraction and how this works for your business
+ The value of saying NO in order maximize your time and your profits
+ Building your brand and community is everything
+ Turn your vision into a step-by-step action plan that will lead to the business of your dreams

Ashley is the Founder of Evolution Trainers

Ashley Selman, named one of ‘America’s Best 100 Trainers’ by Men’s Journal magazine, founded Evolution Trainers in 2006, her world class personal training facility in Mountain View, California. Housing Silicon Valley’s leading fitness practitioners, Evolution’s programs provide the utmost in support, autonomy, and opportunity for the development and success of every entrepreneur on her team. So much so, that every member of her original team continues to host a thriving career in her facility after 10 years. Ashley is known nationally as a conference presenter and business coach, instructing small business owners around the nation on how to obtain optimal success through: Building loyal teams; Increasing profit centers; and Creating the business of their dreams. 

Ross Steiner

Broadening Your Revenue Stream: The Art + Action of Working Smarter Not Harder

+ Taking your work to the next level: Developing a comprehensive system that is proven time and time again to provide measurable and consistent results
+ How to create a successful referral network that will generate income from each lead that you successfully sell
+ How to become an authority in your field: Using online media opportunities to expand your fan base and following to generate passive income
+ How to find and successfully register for affiliate programs that will generate new revenue streams

Ross is the Founder of Steiner Strength

Ross is the Number One Rated Trainer on Yelp, and has not only coached hundreds of athletes, but has also mentored some of San Francisco's leading trainers and coaches. Through his development of The Steiner Strength Mentorship Program, as well as his lucrative Steiner Strength Client Referral System, Ross has expanded his independent training practice from a personal trainer with a single income track into an entrepreneurial fitness practice with multiple revenue streams.

Daniel Yaffe


+  How to utilize failure to your advantage
+  Why your appetite for risk will dictate your success
+  How to iterate your way through challenges

Daniel Yaffe is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of AnyRoad