“The 4 Essential Steps course left me with a much clearer direction on how to market my business and assess opportunities for improvement. I was really able to take a closer look at what my competitors are doing that is attracting my target client, and how I can set myself apart .”

  • Streamlined Online Scheduling

  • Improved Client Hospitality

  • Developed Efficient Programming

DIAKADI’s Business Movement curriculum changed the outlook of my business, the perception of myself, and my purpose.

The 1 on 1 Coaching with Billy Polson has been the hands down best experience I have had for developing my fitness business. I learned how to truly focus my business instead of being a “do-it-all” type of trainer. I was also able to make some serious strides like:”

  • Create my website

  • Build a yelp page

  • Strategize my social media marketing

“The lessons and coursework I learned from the The Business Movement Conference inspired me to restructure my whole business model. The following year was my most successful year to-date with:”

  • 900+ sessions

  • New website

  • Redesigned Market Research Techniques