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Do you have clients that are currently STUCK, unable to make the changes necessary to meet their fitness and lifestyle goals? How can you better help these individuals with creating positive, long-term change in their behaviors and lives?

The key solution to this problem begins with your first impression and connection with clients during your initial contact, meeting and/or assessment; and continues throughout your consistent process of intake and information gathering in your weekly sessions together. 

Analisa Naldi, from Evolution Trainers, has been coaching on how to move safely, efficiently and with strength since 2001. She focuses her time and passion in educating her students on healthy, sustainable ways for them to move and fuel specific to their lifestyles. Her techniques for motivating and educating her students include realistic goal setting and implementation, workout homework and activities to compliment performance objectives.  This enables her students to fully engage in their progress, get educated, and empowered.

Marc Santos, also from Evolution Trainers, is a health professional whose goal has always been to find the practical ways for everyday people to get the most out of our health and fitness that allows us to support the very things that we are most passionate about; the things that make life worth living. 

Through years of study and practical experience, Marc and Analisa have developed a clearly successful design for your initial intake and exploratory process with new clients, as well as your on-going practice of "intaking" and skill development, which helps you build an organic bond with your clients  and leads to an impactful coaching relationship that extends far beyond the workout floor.  


  • Learning how to get down to the emotional level of why clients do what they do, learning what questions to ask and how to ask them

  • Gaining the valuable skill of ‘How to listen effectively’

  • How to focus on your client’s main influencers affecting their health and wellness: Relationships and Environment
  • Learning how to use a Habit Cultivation Worksheet, which teaches your clients how to most successfully develop a new habit

2017 is the year to take your business up a notch.