I believe that working with a fitness business
coach should follow the exact same process as
working with an advanced level personal trainer!

  • The most successful relationship starts with a thorough Intake and Skills Assessment.

  • Followed by Truly Individualized Programming based directly on the client’s goals and assessment data.

  • Throughout the process, there exists a Heartfelt, Personal Connection between coach and client.

  • The coach is constantly Monitoring the Success and Growth of the client, adjusting the programming as necessary to improve results.


If you are looking to connect with a fitness business coach that will take the time to understand exactly where you are and where you want to head, I am excited to meet you and share every ounce of my knowledge and 20+ years of industry experience with you.

Below are more details about how I work with my one-on-one business clients. If you have any questions about how this process would work best for your needs, do not hesitate to call or text me at (530) 604-1464 and I will hop on a quick call to learn more about your fitness business and provide recommendations on the best next steps.

Let’s do this!

-Billy Polson

HOURLY coaching: $200/session

Billy Polson Fitness Busines Coaching.jpg

Billy works with a limited number of personal trainers and gym owners who are looking for weekly or bi-weekly creative assistance, advanced tools and resources, and accountability in maximizing the potential of their fitness business. All coaching programs include:

  • ‘Starting Point’ Business Skills Assessment

  • Fully Customized Curriculum Built for Each Client’s Priorities

  • Hourly One-on-One or Private Video Conference with Billy Polson for Check-ins + Assignments

  • Unlimited Text + Email Correspondence with Billy Polson




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