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True confession... I have a Love-Hate relationship with social media. Admittedly I HATE it far more than I LOVE it. For me, it often feels more stressful than enjoyable. In fact, a 2017 American Psychological Association survey found that "constantly checking electronic devices is directly linked not significant stress for Americans", so I am not alone in this.

I have said many times that as soon as I retire, I will LOVE being able to take social media off of my weekly to do list. (Except for posting pictures of rescue dogs. That I will definitely continue to do.)

If you are like most personal trainers or gym owners, Instagram and Facebook are your go-to tools for representing your brand to customers, but other forms of social media, such as Yelp and Google My Business may be stronger methods for actually attracting brand new clients to your practice. So this month, I am excited to share our leading tips for making the best use of all forms of social media, without allowing them to eat up all of your free time or limit your ability to focus on the creative development work that actually grows your business.

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5 ways to use online reviews to grow
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Have you ever had an amazing 5 star review on Yelp DISAPPEAR from your main page? We have too, and it sucks. This month, we share expert insights into gathering online reviews to grow your brand, including tips for keeping your best reviews showing on all platforms.

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Do you have a STAND OUT LinkedIn profile page that is attracting your ideal client amongst your competitors? We have your pro-tip checklist for crossing off those little details that make a big difference when establishing your professional reputation.

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April 24, 2019 | 1:30P - 3:30P | Ashley Selman | DIAKADI Escape Room

All fitness entrepreneurs are looking to free up our time and maximize our earning potential. Our April Business Movement Series will help you do just that. 

Attendees will complete a simple self-assessment that will identify the specific strategies - from raising rates, to creating systems, delegating tasks, focusing on business development and creating a simple scheduling strategy - to immediately create more time and money freedom in your business and life. You will leave this workshop knowing exactly what next steps YOU should take to get you where you want to go!

case study

For your inspiration, each month we will spotlight a former or current Business Movement client that has worked with us on building and growing their ideal fitness business.

CLIENT: Dave Bauman, current DIAKADI 'Next' Intern

BUSINESS GOAL: To thrive as an Independent Personal Trainer and strategize to make it sustainable for the long term. (i.e. pricing methods, scheduling, training methodologies.)
FITNESS GOAL: Develop a game plan for a thorough assessment and be able to QUANTIFY the results. More broadly, I want to hone in on figuring out what my niche will be, aside from Corporate Fitness currently, and explore potential opportunities in tactical fitness.

Dave Bauman DIAKADI Intern.jpg

"Through my one-on-one meetings with Billy, it's been great learning more about what it takes to run a brick and mortar gym, to provide outstanding customer service, and the overall flow of a workday in this setting. I've been able to practice putting to writing and being specific with: 

  • Defining my business position and who I am as a coach

  • Discovering my deeper business mission + purpose

  • Building a standout bio and specialties list

  • Focusing directly on a niche client

... all with the mindset of presenting this to an outside audience of potential customers. Focusing on these specific business tasks helped me really hone in on what and who I want to be as a fitness entrepreneur. 

As for the fitness side, I have gained the knowledge for putting a client through a thorough, complete assessment and I have already applied this right away with my current clients.


  • Built and incorporated a new electronic intake questionnaire. I now understand the wide range of questions necessary (i.e. stress levels, preferred coaching styles, etc) for creating the most successful programs for my clients.   

  • Worked through a complete PRO CON list of possible additional revenue streams in order to make an educated decision of where to spend time and energy on my business.

  • Gained a better understanding of the Corporate Fitness role for each company and how it aligns with my business model and niche client.

I'm excited to complete my intern program, including my final assessment testing with Billy, as I continue to implement an upgraded hybrid training program with my clients."

- Dave Bauman

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