4 essential steps to sprinting ahead in your market

gain the necessary skills to better connect with your ideal customers.

ELEVATE YOUR MARKETING PLAN | Adjust your messaging to attract your ideal customer 

SAVE MARKETING TIME + MONEY | Focus your time and budget on the marketing methods that match your niche client’s shopping habits

FOCUS YOUR EDUCATION | Plan your continuing education to better fulfill your client’s exact needs

DEVELOP A LEADING BRAND | Define an ‘Above + Beyond’ brand that stands out amongst your competitors

STRATEGICALLY PRICE | Use market research to successfully price and differentiate your products

ACHIEVE YOUR VISION | Build a clear action plan to get the work done



After sharing the ‘4 Essential Steps to Sprinting Ahead in your Market ‘ program with our in-house trainers and interns at DIAKADI, then presenting the course in workshop format to hundreds of gym owners, trainers and fitness business owners in conferences throughout the country, we received such powerful feedback from our students that we knew we had to come up with a method for sharing this tool in a widespread format.

We are extremely excited to offer this LIVE Business Movement Work[Shop]™ Course on a new platform, which now allows fitness entrepreneurs around the globe the opportunity to DEFINE, RESEARCH, DIFFERENTIATE & CALIBRATE their fitness business, in a DIY, set your own pace setting. Each student will receive The Business Movement’s signature DO WORK[BOOK]™ with their purchase and while following along with the live lecture instructions, will complete the exercises along with the live attendees, just as if they were in the audience at one of our signature live events.

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4 Essential Steps to Sprint Ahead In Your Market
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“The 4 Essential Steps course left me with a much clearer direction on how to market my business and assess opportunities for improvement. I was really able to take a closer look at what my competitors are doing that is attracting my target client, and how I can set myself apart.”

Natalie c. | Owner - barbell blondie | san francisco, ca


“This course is a fun and interactive way to gain insights into your own strengths and weaknesses, see how you stack up to competition, and gives you a roadmap for what to work on next in business development and education.”

kate t. | Owner - with love, kate | san francisco, ca