Our video-driven, ‘Do It Yourself’ style, Fitness Entrepreneur 101™ (FE101) coursework contains all of the inspiration and fun of working with Billy Polson in person, and combines this with easy to follow lectures and our Do Work[Book]™ with step by step exercises to help both the beginner and veteran fitness professional with growing their ideal fitness business.

Once you complete your assignments, you have the opportunity to submit the work back in to Billy for both review, feedback and coaching, in order to receive fully customized advice for your exact business model and market.


a business movement work[shop]™ course

better differentiate to attract more of your ideal clients

With the fitness industry experiencing exponential growth, fitness entrepreneurs MUST properly position their business in order to stand out amongst the flood of competitors in our markets. The 4 Steps coursework and Do Work[Book]™ , will walk you through the exercise of well defining your business, researching your competitive market, strategically positioning your brand and pulling out ahead of your competition. You will then adjust your marketing plan to guarantee that your business is consistently attracting your ideal customer and standing out as the ‘go-to’ brand within your market.


“In terms of take aways and immediate action items, this may be the best fitness business course I have done. Such a well thought out and strategic plan, providing us with a very clear idea of what to do and why.”

Jeremy H. | Owner - Hyatt Training | Portland, OR

a business movement work[shop]™ course


building your business catapult

Building a clear vision is an essential step in guaranteeing that you are setting realistic goals which you have the capacity as well as the ability to achieve. As we focus on building your business catapult for the upcoming year, we are going to research three distinct areas:

  • The Past + Present (What has been going on during the last year?)

  • The Distant Future (What are your goals for five years down the road?)

  • The Near Future (What are your goals for one year down the road?)