Our video-driven, ‘Do It Yourself’ style, Fitness Entrepreneur 101™ (FE101) coursework contains all of the inspiration and fun of working with Billy Polson in person, and combines this with easy to follow lectures and our Do Work[Book] with step by step exercises to help both the beginner and veteran fitness professional with growing their ideal fitness business.

Once you complete your assignments, you will submit the work back in to Billy for both review and feedback, in order to guarantee that you receive fully customized advice for your exact business model and market.

All of this while earning CEUs too! Damn good, right?

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a business movement work[shop]™ course

4 essential steps to sprint ahead in your market

define • research • differentiate • calibrate

We are extremely excited to offer this LIVE Business Movement experience on the platform which allows fitness entrepreneurs the opportunity to DEF, RES, DIF, CAL their fitness business, in a DIY, set your own pace setting. Each student will receive The Business Movement’s signature DO WORK[BOOK]™ with their purchase and while following along with the live lecture instructions, will complete the exercises along with the live attendees, just as if they were in class at the LIVE events.

a business movement work[shop]™ course

building your business catapult workshop

Building a clear vision is an essential step in guaranteeing that you are setting realistic goals which you have the capacity as well as the ability to achieve. As we focus on building your business catapult for the upcoming year, we are going to research three distinct areas:

  • The Past + Present (What has been going on during the last year?)

  • The Distant Future (What are your goals for five years down the road?)

  • The Near Future (What are your goals for one year down the road?)