Billy Polson is a nationally recognized fitness entrepreneur, business coach, inspirational speaker, and performance coach. Men's Journal magazine named Billy one of 'America's Best 100 Trainers', while he has appeared in and contributed to numerous national publications including Fortune, Medium: The Startup, Inc, Kiplinger, The Huffington Post, CBS Small Business Pulse, and Women's Health

In 1998, making the decision that life was too short to spend his days behind a desk in a career that did not energize his passion for life, Billy walked away from his programmer job and ‘Corporate America’ work life to build a life in fitness and movement, with the goal of inspiring others to live their ultimate life.  

With no entrepreneurial experience, other than a daily goal to achieve and the grit to ‘get the job done’, Billy used his lifelong experience in athletics and his exuberant connectivity with people to inspire incredible achievement with his clients and to quickly build his own independent personal training practice to capacity. In 2004, Billy founded DIAKADI Fitness Performance Life personal training facility, named the 'Top Gym and/or Trainers in San Francisco' for 13 years. DIAKADI currently houses the practices of more than 90 of the Bay Area's leading practitioners from the fitness and health industries. 

‘DIAKADI combines the Bay Area’s most advanced fitness education with a world class pro sports training facility and a 5-Star customer experience, creating the ULTIMATE fitness and health community for our clients and coaches.’


In 2015, determined to assist EVERY fitness business owner with building their most successful business and life, Billy helped to create The Business Movement, DIAKADI’s fitness entrepreneur education program. Since its origin, The Business Movement has helped hundreds of personal trainers and gym owners with gaining the skills and confidence to leave their corporate training jobs, develop their own brands, grow their private practices, and find great financial success in their careers. As a member of the IDEA Health and Fitness Studio Owner's Advisory Committee, Billy is excited to share his knowledge and experiences with young fitness professional from all around the world.

Billy honestly believes that no matter what your goals, BIG or small, if you do what you LOVE with an intelligent plan, gritty problem solving skills and a commitment to success,  that ANYTHING is possible.

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"We are all on this planet to experience EVERYTHING it has to offer, so never stop challenging yourself to go above and beyond, surf as often as possible, and be generous with your knowledge + love at all times."



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