Welcome to our DIAKADI Team and Community! From this day forward, know that we are here to provide you with the support, knowledge and confidence you need for building your most successful fitness business, as well as your ideal life.

Whether you are new to independent personal training or if you have been running your own private practice for several years and have yet to discover your full potential, DIAKADI's Business Movement Coaching and Lecture Series, as well as our Fitness Entrepreneur 101 program, are built to assist you in making the most of being your own boss.

Just as an assessment session is essential in designing a concise individual fitness plan for clients, I recommend starting your business planning off with an assessment of your current business skills and practices. Based on the information that you provide below, DIAKADI can help you in building a customized checklist of the resources, education and focused direction necessary for building your ultimate independent training practice. Our goal is that you not only survive but more importantly that you THRIVE as a fitness business owner here at DIAKADI.

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