Welcome to DIAKADI's 'Fitness Entrepreneur 101' Business Skills Assessment.

Whether you are new to independent personal training or you have been running your own private practice and/or facility for several years and have yet to discover your full potential, DIAKADI's Business Movement coaching sessions and lecture series, as well as our Fitness Entrepreneur 101 program, are built to assist you in making the most of being your own boss.

It is our honest belief that the most successful plans MUST start with thorough research. So let's kick off your business planning with an assessment of your current business skills and foundation. Based on the information that you provide below, we can help you in building a customized checklist of the resources, education and focused direction necessary for building your ultimate fitness business.

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Purpose + Values = Mission
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Goals + Vision
Items to consider: Your Client Roster, Daily Schedule, Responsibilities, Earnings, Location(s), etc
Niche Client
Consider the following factors: Demographics: (Age, Sex, Address/Location - Own or Rent?) Shopping Habits: Where do they shop? Groceries? Clothes? Browse? Learn Trends? E-shopper? How does your client typically locate and select businesses like yours ? Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Snapchat? Pinterest? LinkedIn? Other Social Media? How do they gather news? Subscriptions (news, magazines, online, podcasts, etc)? What blogs do they follow? Goals: Personal and Professional Fears, Challenges, Passions How can your business best serve them?
Scope of Practice
Being a Business Owner
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Client Appreciation and Acknowledgment
Profit Loss Statement
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Tax Planning
Client Sessions and Packages
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