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LESSON 1: Are you ready?

As a new fitness entrepreneur, you are about to take an incredible step down a path filled with some of your most exciting opportunities as well as some of your hardest work. I honestly believe that no matter what your goals, big or small, do what you love with a concise intelligent plan, gritty problem solving skills and a work ethic that prepares you to work your ass off, and you can achieve anything! So let's get started on building YOUR plan!

Let's start this process by thinking through your current reality and what is driving you to move forward with becoming a fitness entrepreneur. The goal in this first exercise is to think through what has led you to this point.

What is your current motivation?
Are you coming to this decision from a positive or negative place?
How do you best design a business that makes you happy as well as successful?

Find a comfortable, creative place for you to think (you will return to this place many times throughout this process). Maybe even sit down with a nice glass of wine or kombucha and look deep inside to consider your answers for the five questions below. Enjoy this introspective exercise


Answer these questions...

(Place your responses in your Business Plan Google Doc)

1. Why do you want to start your own fitness business?
2. What are the things you love about your life, and possibly your current fitness business, that you want to continue in your new business venture?
3. What are the things that you want to change about your life or current fitness business in your new business?
4. What fears or worries do you have about becoming a fitness entrepreneur ?
5. For the rest of your life, what is the impact you desire to make in the lives of others?  What do you want to be known for on your very last day with your last breath?




During this exercise, how did it feel listing out your fears and worries? Was this a long list for you? Trust me, you will come face to face with some of your most challenging fears as you head down the road to becoming an entrepreneur.

What if I don’t have enough clients to pay the bills?
What if I become injured and cannot train?
How do I pay quarterly taxes?

Anytime you encounter fears such as these, I recommend following the three pieces of advice below:

1. Run to your Fears

Throughout your life, maintain a conscious awareness of any fears you have surrounding your business and direction. As these fears come into focus for you, RUN AT THEM instead of avoiding them. Do not procrastinate focusing on them and simply wish them away. As soon as you see them approaching on the horizon, keep them in your sights until you have resolved the situation.

2. Problem Solve Using the ‘Why or What’ Meditation

The simple practice of writing down your fears can often help with acknowledging their existence and beginning the process of discovering a resolution. I have found using the ‘Why’ meditation is an excellent way to get to the root of your fears, in order to then resolve the root of the problem, rather than simply addressing the symptoms.

For example, let’s say your fear is, ‘I will not have enough clients coming in to my practice to make money and survive.’ Trust me that we have all had this fear. So start with simply asking yourself, ‘Why are you scared of this?’  Your response may be that, ‘I have no idea how to find new clients.’ Again, ask yourself ‘Why?’ Your response may be, ‘I don’t have a website or any social media accounts.’ ‘Why?’ ‘I don’t know where to begin.’ ‘What can you do about that?’ Which will eventually lead you to looking online or hiring a coach or virtual assistant.

The idea is that being a problem solver and learning how to best use your resources will always be your best weapon for conquering your fears!

3. Energize, Don’t Freeze

Lastly, let your fears drive you to perform, rather than freeze in fright. Eventually, as you build your experience and confidence, you will face your fears head on with a ferocious ‘I GOT THIS!’ mentality. Every single problem you solve will make solving the next one that much easier. Remember that owning a business is a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself, stay focused and just keep moving forward. You Got This!