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'Let’s build a possibility, a current finalized dream, of exactly what you want. Build it vivid, so clear, in every detail in order to make it a true belief.'

- Todd Holcomb, Grow Mind and Spirit


ALL of the most successful fitness entrepreneurs started with a Vision of their ideal fitness practice, then developed a plan, and then worked ass off to get there. 

What is your vision of your ideal practice or business?

Without considering the 'How' and by using the questions below as a guide, I want you to write a description of your dream fitness business. Let's start with a one year vision as well as a five year vision. Be sure to keep your primary four purpose + mission statements in mind.

Do not feel pressure to answer all of the questions below, but feel free to if you would like.

Dream BIG, deeply consider all possibilities along your path of creating your ideal business and life.


Using the thought questions below, complete the two exercises:

  1. Write a vivid, detailed description of your ideal fitness business twelve months from now.

  2. Write a clear description of your 'DREAM' fitness business five years from now.

Thought Questions:

A. Where are you?  What city? What facility? 
B. What does it look like, feel like?
C. Who is with you? Your clients, your peers? How do they feel?
D. What are you doing throughout each day? What are your responsibilities ? What is your work schedule (Days of the week, hours per day, morning shift vs evening shift)?
E. What are people saying about it in their reviews? How do your clients describe their experience with friends at dinner parties?


Never stop dreaming BIG for what exciting things you and your business have in store. It was that type of thinking that led me out from behind a desk to becoming a trainer, opening DIAKADI and even to designing this course for each of you.  Just as with your mission, post your vision statement somewhere that you can see it weekly/monthly to keep you focused and on track towards your visions. Coming up, we will use this vision statement to create a deadline driven schedule of action items to get you to your goal.