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LESSON 1: Meeting Your Client’s Every Need

Now is your opportunity to begin thinking about the details of your business, as well as the products and services that your business will provide to clients to assist them with reaching their goals and providing solutions to their challenges. 

For the details, start with describing the LOCATION of your business and whether or not you will be providing an online, in-person, or combo service.  

For PRODUCTS + SERVICES, consider all that you are currently able to provide, as well as the ideal products and services that your client would like to find in your business in order to best meet their needs. Start by considering the goals for your niche client. In order to meet these goals, start from day one and brainstorm a list of exactly which services and products your client would need in order to achieve their goals in the most efficient and successful way.  For example, a typical training client is looking for body fat reduction, pain elimination, muscle growth and stress reduction. Therefore I would consider offering the following as a product or service, or partnering with another business to help you provide these:

  • Nutrition Guidance or Registered Dietitian

  • Meal Preparation or Chef Service

  • Manual Therapist or Body Worker

  • Supplements

  • Home Equipment for Homework (i.e Foam Rollers, Dumbbells, Bands, etc)

  • Fitness Technology Gadgets or Apps

  • Fitness Attire

  • Meditation Coaching or Classes

  • Etc

Throughout this process, I highly recommend that you consider the spending density of your Avatar Client as you make decisions about the expansion and growth of your business into new products or areas. Once you have gained the trust of a client, keep in mind that they will be much more likely to purchase additional products and services from you, therefore increasing the density of their spending with you and your business. How can you extend the above offers to your clients within the umbrella of your business? Think about how you can assist your niche clients with acquiring these products while receiving some type of percentage on these purchases as well. Affiliate programs and partnering with other health service providers can be an excellent way of achieving this goal. We will discuss these more in the financials area ahead. 

Lastly, for each product and service, go into detail with the specifics of how clients will be able to purchase and receive these from your business. You can go ahead and determine a starting point for rates and prices for these, however we will also go into deeper details on pricing during the Financial planning section ahead.


Scope of Practice Brainstorm

  1. Brainstorm a list of services which your business will provide for clients? What are the costs and purchase package options for each service? How will clients purchase these services (i.e. Through your website, etc)?

  2. What physical products will your business offer for clients? What are the costs and purchase package options for each product? How will clients purchase these products (i.e. an affiliate program on your website)?

  3. What other businesses will you partner with in order to assist with fulfilling all of the needs of your customer? Will there be a referral program between you and your partnering businesses to reward you for bringing them customers?

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LESSON 2:  Do What You Do Best 

Congratulations! You have created the first draft of your Products and Services page for your website. I know I mentioned that we would discuss more about pricing for your products and services in an up-coming chapter, but I wanted to mention a quick thought. In comparing your products and services with the details of your client avatar, are your company offerings affordable for your niche? Keep this idea in mind as you determine the most successful way to price these products and services for your clients.

One closing note: The best business advice I received when we were building DIAKADI, was stick with what we do best to start and KICK ASS doing that. Then you can expand your services and offerings as you are able and see a business need.  For years, we only did training, and we did it REALLY well. Once we made the training side of our business profitable, we were able to successfully expand the business into new areas. Running your business is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep your eyes on the long-term goals and prize.